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About Us.

Dan Duke and his wife Marti have been in ministry for over 50 years. It all began shortly after their conversion in 1971 when they quite suddenly found themselves leading a small band of “Jesus Freaks”who quickly discovered the book of Acts and began to operate in many of the supernatural things they were reading.

Those days were filled with conversions, healings, deliverances, and miracles, providing Dan and Marti a foundation that would carry them into greater experiences in God throughout their lives.

Over the years Dan has pastored a large congregation in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, lead smaller congregations, and entertained many in his home which has always been his favorite place of ministry.


Doors opened for him in other nations but in 1985 his heart was captivated by the nation of Brazil and he and Marti soon made their home there for 15 years. Brazil to this day is still the passion of their hearts as they return frequently to minister. Although abundant invitations come from all over Brazil Dan is careful to go to those he has fathered and invested his life in over the years.

Dan has a supernatural gift of impartation and a keen understanding of the importance of worship. He is tenacious in promoting and maintaining the joy of the Lord in everything. He especially impacts leaders who, in many cases, have restructured their lives so that their ministries or businesses reflect a fresh and genuine kingdom quality. All of these spiritual traits have profoundly impacted those he has connected with. If one could retrace his steps, especially in Brazil, and meet those who have sat under his ministry they would hear testimony after testimony of those whose lives have been radically transformed.

Having said all that, I can say, as one who has known Dan since the beginning, that his chief quality is his enduring love for Jesus. He is just as happy at his work bench in his garage as he is ministering to hundreds, as long as Jesus is there.

Marti shares Dan's love for the Lord, for Brazil, and the ministry to the saints. She is rich in the understanding of the Word of God and has helped many in learning to entertain the Holy Spirit's presence.

Written by: Danny Graston

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